Friday, November 11, 2011

Never Ending Project . . . .

This week I have been trying to do some organizing in My Scrapbook Room

Sorting thru photos & putting pages in albums (until I ran out of pages - had to place an order)

I usually I print as I go.  But lately, Snapfish has been having great specials (a penny a print)  So, I realized I still have a few holes from even 2007 - YIKES!!!!  I have been scrapbooking out of order, every year is started but very few that are 100% complete.  Trying to be better at this.  I have alot of albums going at once and I try to do alittle bit in each  . . . . Family Albums are brown (usually 2 a year for holidays, family & friends and misc.)

Each of the girlies have their own albums ~ Amelia is RED, Audriana is MAUVE (which of coarse is now discontinued) and Alivia is PALE PINK.  They each have a BABY album that includes pregnancy & hospital and carries thru month by month. They also have a BIRTHDAY album (which is a layout a year - just to highlight the theme of the party, invite, cake and a letter from me) and they each have a  SCHOOL album.  So, to sum it up I feel better if everything has a place and it took me a very long time to figure I system that would work for me.  And I decided back when Amelia was a baby ~ whatever I do for her I will do for the rest of my girlies. 

I will be sure post more pictures as I go . . . . off to do more organizing!!

Have a Great Weekend

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Anonymous said...

hello my friend....I am currently in a mess called my 'scrapbook studio/office" trying to organize it. It'll get there soon I hope :))

I LOVED LOVED LOVED your layout over at Bella today.....BEAUTIFUL !!!

Miss you...xo