Thursday, April 5, 2012

Heavenly . . . . .


Most of you who know me ~ I am not a fan of cake. 

But there are always exceptions to the RULE ~ Right !?

My New favorite stop after the doctor is to head right over to GiGi's Cupcakes.

(it is literally on my way)


Merry Margarita ~ so YUMMY, so FRESH & Light (personnal favorite)

I was waiting for the Spring / Summer Menu to come out

just for this little cupcake.

Of coarse after waiting 3 weeks since the new menu was released and until my next appointment, I was
so looking forward to this lil cupcake treat.  I walked in and they were OUT . . . can you Believe it?  Well, they actually
just got out of the oven and too hot to frost ~ so I ran a quick errand and came back to find the case was filled with every flavor BUT Merry Margarita . . . bound and determined that I am (and pregnant) I will WAIT. 

As soon as I started to place my order . . . out came 2 Merry Margarita Cupcakes on a Silver Tray.
No Fooling!!!  Made my day even Brighter!!

Check them out!!!  Different Flavors Everyday

GiGi's Cupcakes

Go and ENJOY!!!!  There is a Flavor for everyone!!!

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