Tuesday, April 24, 2012

YIKES! Life got a bit carried AWAY from me . . .

Time is flying by me as I know it . . . .

from Easter Eggs (don't forget the Chocolate Bunnies) to Sock Monkeys
and now back to Reality!

Girls in their Easter Dresses (matchy matchy - of coarse)

Alivia Jo didn't waste anytime with her Chocolate Bunny ~ loves Chocolate just like her mommy!

So, another PINTEREST idea . . . .Easter Egg Hunt Bath.  The girls loved every minute of it!!  They asked to do it again and again for about 3 days ~ until I finally told them (once a year treat).  Clean up was enough . . . but Amelia was a trooper and helped me with the clean up.  A strainer, a garbage bag and 20 mins later ~ All Done!

Gotta LOVE PINTEREST . . . did I say "I'm a Addicted" . . . YEP, I AM ADDICTED!!
First year trying this ~ coloring eggs with Kool-aid . . . cheap fun! 

Such a Smart Easter Bunny we have . . . takes a quick photo the night before!
The morning of . . . doesn't always happen!  Girlies didn't wait for the camera.

Will be back with more . . . .it has been a very busy last 3 weeks!!

Stay tuned . . . . .

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