Tuesday, June 5, 2012

School is coming to an End . . .

and Summer Break is right around the corner.  I have been trying to accomplish as much as possible before the girlies are done with school and

before Little Miss Alayna arrives. 


We have been making room for baby and I have been trying to get caught up on scrapbooking.  Here are a few photos of projects in the works.

Her room is just about done . . . we are adding the final step of painting - the stitching.


Then we will finish it off with buttons for a bit of deminsion.

I am waiting for her custom bedding to arrive . . . .any day!! 

Love her room and how it turned out!!!!  (just what the mommy ordered) 


Stay tuned for the best part . . . details, details - I am all about the details.

WARNING! WARNING! ..........lots of pages ahead

(did over half of them the last 2 weeks - not all)

So, on to my scrapbooking pages I have been busy doing . . . mainly Audriana's School Book

(it had more holes then I remember)

Her album starts with preschool at APL, then to 4K at St Thomas here in Waterford. . . .

then on to Kindergarten at Trailside with Amelia

Thanks for Looking . . . . off to accomplish - HI HO HI . . .


Sharon said...

mystery solved! This is why you haven't been visiting, you've been scrapping up a storm. I miss you!

ameinholz said...

ALivia is done with school - not in the area as much . . . .