Monday, July 2, 2012

Oh Canada . . .

I recieved a SPECIAL delivery on Friday ~ from a SPECIAL friend!
(across the Border)

So yesterday the "A" team supported Canada by wearing Red & White

and even took a "little" photoshoot.

I see a Scrapbook Page in the near future . . .

even the Mommy & Daddy sported some RED. 


I just focused on the Girlies for the photos . . . .

Alayna is going to be one spoiled little peanut with all of her BIG sisters

loving her every minute of Every DAY!


~ Enjoy ~

Happy Canada Day to Jenn & Family


Happy 4th of  July to all of my PEEPS


Stephanie said...

How sweet of Jen! You never told me this! So thoughtful of her...I bet she loves these pictures!

Christine Kiehl said...

You have one group of beautiful daughters. I like your style!