Thursday, July 26, 2012

YIKES . . . it has been awhile since my last post.

WOW ~ how my days are flying right by eyes!

It sure has been a BUSY month . . . 4th of July, CHA projects, Audriana lost a tooth, Alayna turned ONE month, Amelia turned EIGHT, Waterford Balloon Fest, and went to see The Rockin Tales of Snow White!

First, I would like to post my lastest Bella Projects that I completed for CHA just a few weeks after Alayna arrived.  It felt good to scrapbook . . . was missing it!


Here are a few more pictures from this month and it isn't even over yet!!!!

My goal is to take a lil photo shoot every month of Alayna with her sock monkey and her month onesie ~ to watch how she Grows

This year was Peace, Love and Roller Skates at EIGHT for Miss Amelia

Waterford Balloon Festival

(midnight rainbow, in harmony and bright idea ~ the balloons even had names)


Hypro Evening Glow


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